Our Story

SOMA TOWN is a collaboration between Toronto musicians Anthony Vanderburgh and Eddie Zeeman.  

VANDERBURGH is a multi-award-winning Songwriter/ Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist. Awards include a 2009 Emmy for his co-written theme song to the hit animated show 6TEEN. Vanderburgh has also produced many other artists, several radio airplay hits, and toured as a guitarist in a wide range of genres. He now spends most of his musical efforts writing music for television. 

ZEEMAN has a long history of musical projects right back from CBS Artists' Cats Can Fly, one of the original boy-bands. A Juno Award winner and session drummer with extensive recording experience, he has toured with artists like Lisa DalBello and Andy Curran. Zeeman has released two solo albums including his most recent, "Guilty Pleasures", where he not only plays drums, but sings lead on challenging cover songs like Kashmir, and Baba O'Reily.

"I started this version of Rock On just for fun", Vanderburgh says. "It's such a great song, and I'd been working on a sonic palette for some time. I heard Eddie's album and was really impressed. We became friends through Facebook and began working together. Eddie brought his kit into the studio and laid down a blistering drum track on my unfinished Rock On. We loved the result and decided to release it under the project / band name SOMA TOWN"

The song is available worldwide as a downloadable single on CD Baby and iTunes. Click on the iTunes icon above to download.